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Money Back Guarantee: A Different Heist Story

Faisal Qureshi’s offering ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is a unique film made completely outside the tradition, it is not a story of boy-girl love or someone’s revenge, but of the injustices
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Faisal Qureshi’s offering ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is a unique film made completely outside the tradition, it is not a story of boy-girl love or someone’s revenge, but of the injustices in third world countries including Pakistan. About is an impeccably presented story.

A film with a big actor like Fawad Khan doesn’t need any special effort to get attention anyway and the film also stars Wasim Akram and Shanira Akram along with Fawad Khan.

Therefore, this film is a cluster of more than two dozen movie stars that keeps flashing from time to time, among the other actors involved in this film are Mikal Zulfikar, Gauhar Rashid, Karan Malik, Mani, John Rambo, Shayan Khan, Shafaat Ali, and the late Ahmed Bilal. Apart from this, Javed Sheikh, Hina Dilmoor, and Adnan Jafar have also played interesting roles.

Moneyback Guarantee is the story of a huge bank in a fictitious country in which the money of various big politicians of that country is kept the president of this bank is Wasim Akram and its manager is Fawad Khan (Bakhsh) and Fawad The main goal of life is to take away the president’s chair.

On the other hand, a few people belonging to different nationalities plan to rob the bank so that they can improve their financial situation. Rather, it is tarbiya, and this tarbiya style is actually a deep political satire that comes true to the conditions of this society.

Fawad Khan as a bank manager will look quite different to you, at least you have never seen him like this before, Fawad’s style makes him look like a Hollywood star, especially with Shanira Ikram. K Sen was unique in that there was a foreign woman in front.

On the other hand, it would be an exaggeration not to mention Mani, as GA Mahajir, he has played such a timeless role that at least no one in Karachi can forget, the Ahmed Rushdie song played on his arrival is also timeless. Yes, Mani’s character was seen as a traditional Karachiite while John Rambo or Afzal Khan also played well in the role of Christian Bale, but the Punjabi character of the deceased was somewhat incomplete.

Now let’s talk about some flaws of this movie, the biggest flaw is that Karan Malik is looking beautiful but she has completely failed to play the role of a Baloch woman.

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While Mani’s character GA Mahajir and John Rambo’s character Christian Bale connect the audience, Sanam Baloch’s character breaks, and Mikal Zulfiqar’s character is also interesting at a few points but overall moves the story forward.

However, it must be praised here for Shayan Khan who looks much better this time as Ilyas Kashmiri, especially if you have seen his movie ‘Na Band Na Baraati’, it will be clear that he has improved in acting and style. First were in the basement and now climbing the stairs to the first floor.

Wasim Akram could not act but his personality brightened the screen, especially his little romantic scene with Shanira at the end was nice.

Shifaat played the role of Trump well but now he feels old, due to Corona the film was released late which affected the character, and did not get the enjoyment that should have come.

The songs were lacking in the movie, and Ayesha Umar’s dancing could have been much better if she had been replaced by a better dancer, no doubt Ayesha Umar is a big name but what was needed here was more of a dancer than a great actress.

The characters of ‘Money Back Guarantee’ are like the people around us, their actions are not unique but obvious.

If you watch this movie carefully, you will feel its own story somewhere, the helplessness of a common Pakistani and how helpless he is.

Faisal Qureshi’s film is full of clues, it doesn’t attack directly but makes deep satires that amuse the viewers, or even shock them.

In this film, the viewer has to repeatedly take off his shoes and put his foot in another’s shoes to feel the pain.

It should be noted that this is Faisal’s first film as a director and it is hoped that he will improve in the second film.

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امریکی ڈالر سستا ، سٹاک ایکسچینج سے بھی اچھی خبر آگئی


ٹیکسی ڈرائیور منٹوں میں کروڑ پتی بن گیا ، مگر کیسے ؟ حیران کن تفصیلات سامنے آگئیں



چاہت فتح علی خان کا مستقبل کیا؟فلموں میں کب نظر آئیں گے ؟


ٹویٹر کی چھٹی،مارک زکربرگ نے نئی ایپ لاونچ کر دی


شہباز شریف کے بیٹے کی لاٹری لگ گئی،عدالت سے بڑا ریلیف

یا اللہ خیر،آرمی چیف پر قاتلانہ حملے کی شازش؟

نوجوان لڑکے نے لوڈ شیڈنگ کے دوران مفت AC کا جگاڑ ڈھونڈ لیا

حریم شاہ کا الیکشن میں مریم نواز سے مقابلہ ہونا چاہئے

لاہور میں بارش کے بعد سیلاب کا منظر،ہر طرف پانی ہی پانی

محنت مزدوری کرنے والے چھوٹے بچے کی باتوں نے اینکر کو رولا دیا

شراب پی کر گاڑی چلانے والوں نے نوجوان لڑکے کی جان لے لی

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