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Home Government Step by Step Guide to Register NADRA Arms License 2023-Computerized Arms License Renewal

Step by Step Guide to Register NADRA Arms License 2023-Computerized Arms License Renewal

If you have weapons and searching for how to get a NADRA Arms license registered, we have covered all the details in our easy to follow step by step guide.
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how to get a NADRA arms license registered

If you have weapons and searching for how to get a NADRA Arms license registered, we have covered all the details in our easy to follow step by step guide. Nadra’s arms license system is hugely beneficial as compared to the outdated version. Government can access data on all weapons in the country with just a few clicks. This will expedite procedures and, ultimately, decrease the number of illegal firearms in Pakistan.

Getting a NADRA Arms License registered can be a confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right guidance and documents, you can easily get your license registered with Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Process To Get NADRA Arms License

All weapons being used in Pakistan, for whatever purpose, should be registered with the government. The country has two different types of licenses for weapons- the first is for protection and the other is used for hunting.

Depending on the type of firearm, you can obtain either a prohibited bore license or a non-prohibited bore license. The prohibited is used to own a fully-automatic weapon while the non-prohibited is used for semi-automatic firearms and other guns.

If you want to get Nadra’s License registered or renewal for your weapon, here is a thorough guide that outlines what documents need to be submitted along with the application. This guide will help you quickly apply for and receive your license in no time.

Required Documents For Application 

Nadra will ask for the submission of a few documents while filing the application for a firearm license which include: 

  • Weapon license Application Form, 
  • A Copy of ID/CNIC Card 
  • Two Fresh passport-size photographs.
  • Please make sure to include a copy of your NTN Certificate when you apply (for taxpayers). 
  • You must have your original CNIC card with you. 
  • It’s important to note that a professional/services certificate needs to be attached as well.

Required Documents For Renewal 

In case of renewal for your existing firearm license, you just need the following: 

  • Application
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of old Arm License

For Companies Arms License

To apply for weapons for company arms license: 

  • You must create individual applications for each of the weapon
  • Include photocopies of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) along with contact person’s CNIC 
  • A logo of the company on the Form and Another logo attached to it
  • An incorporation certificate from SECP along with Form-29 attested by SECP.

Step By Step Guide 

With your application ready, it’s time to take the next steps to finish the Nadra arms license process.

Step 1: 

Acquire the license application form. You can either download it online or get it from a Deputy Commissioner’s Office or Interior Ministry. Make sure to carefully read the section of documents that are needed and fill out all the necessary information on the form.

Step 2:

To apply for an arms license, the applicant must submit an application along with the necessary documents and a fee of PKR 2000. In addition, it’s important for the individual to be present at the time of submission as fingerprint scanning is also a part of the process.

Step 3:

Upon submission of your application to the Deputy Commissioner or Interior Ministry, approval will be granted. Subsequently, you must visit the Data Accusation Unit at Nadra in order to receive your license.

Make sure you take the token, then wait in the designated area. When it’s your turn, you need to submit any additional documents and pay the fees associated with the license you’re applying for. This applies to firearm licenses as well.

Step 4:

After you are done filling out the necessary form, take it to the assistant manager for approval. Upon getting their stamp and signature, submit the form at the counter. The officer will give you a slip that’ll enable you to collect your license once it’s ready. After you complete the application process, NADRA will send you a confirmation message to the number provided in your application.

Remember to take your Original ID card and the slip from DAU with you when you head to the NADRA branch where you submitted your application in order to pick up your license.

Documents Required For NADRA DAU Application 

To obtain the necessary clearances, you’ll need to submit some important documents. These include

  • A copy of the ID/CNIC Card, 
  • Approval from the DC or Interior Ministry,
  • Fingerprints, 
  • Photocopies of CNICs of the company’s CEO and contact person 
  • The logo of the company;  Paste one logo on the form and attach one separately 
  • Two fresh passport-size photographs.

NADRA Arms License Fee 

The fee for the Non-prohibited bore License is PKR 6500, while the fee for the Prohibited bore License is PKR 10500.

Computerized Arms License From NADRA 

Nadra along with PID have developed a new innovative system to regulate the issued armed license. This new method is quite convenient and efficient known as a computerized armed license system(CALS).

This system is at its initial stages and in the beginning total of 9 districts have been issued smart cards. These smart cards are issued as replacements for traditional licenses. The smart card uses the NADRA verisys to authenticate the tracking and supporting information registered on CNIC.  

  • First, you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of PKR1400. 
  • Submit the application to the DOC office. 
  • Visit NADRA to submit your original license, deposit slips, passport-size photographs, and attested certificates. 
  • Take a token, and do a biometric verification 
  • They will remove the old license from history and generate a new computerized one

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get Arms License in Pakistan?

Fill up the relevant application form, submit a photocopy of your identity card, and secure endorsements from Police Station, DSP, and SP. To complete the process, you must appear before the Deputy Commissioner in person with a copy of your ID. The Deputy Commissioner will be issuing Arms Licenses on the form. 

For this, a fee of Rs. 2000/- needs to be paid in the form of tickets and then submitted to the Arms Licensing Issuing Branch located in the D.C. Office. Upon submission of the necessary license forms documents, a copy of the license will be issued to the applicant and they will be able to purchase any arms from dealers. 

What is the NADRA Arms License Helpline number?

The Nadra general helpline is 1777 (for subscribers of all networks), +92 51 111 786 100 (for fixed lines and overseas applicants). Nadra Armed license helpline phone number is 0307 4414421 and the Website: is

How to fill out Nadra’s arms license form?

Fill out the license application form. Attach 2 photographs, a copy of the ID card, the original challan form, and the original demand note as mentioned above



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