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Check GEPCO Bill Online-Download Duplicate Bill With 100% Working Method

Residents of Gujranwala and its adjacent areas can check their GEPCO bill online while sitting at home without any hassle. GEPCO is an electricity distribution company of Gujranwala, under the
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GEPCO bill online check

Residents of Gujranwala and its adjacent areas can check their GEPCO bill online while sitting at home without any hassle. GEPCO is an electricity distribution company of Gujranwala, under the umbrella of WAPDA. “GEPCO” under the administrative control of Pakistan Electric Power Company PEPCO.

To print the duplicate GEPCO Bill Online you can enter your reference number without spaces as mentioned on your GEPCO Bill.

print duplicate GEPCO bill

What Is GEPCO?

Gepco was established on April 25, 1998, and was approved to begin operations on June 5, 1998. Thus the government of Pakistan decided to establish a dept that would deal with all water resources for the generation of power to satisfy the country’s needs, and so the WAPDA Department was established.

GEPCO’s service area is approximately 17,206 sq. Km had 3.909 million consumers on 31 May 2 021. The sanctioned workforce of GEPCO is 17501.

In May 2021, it has sixty (60) grid stations of which fifty-nine 59 are 132 KV and one is 66 KV. Gujranwala is a city with a population of over 4 million, the city of Punjab. 

What if you don’t know the reference number?

If you don’t remember your reference number you’d like to see your bill online. You require a single old copy of the bill and the reference number, which is shown below in the image.

gepco bill reference number

  How can you check your bill online?

You can check your electricity bill online with two convenient methods to choose from; you can quickly and easily check your electricity bill online.

Use a Mobile Application. 

This is a great option for busy customers who need to stay on top of their bills. Most apps allow you to quickly get a duplicate bill online anytime, making it easy to stay on top of your electricity costs.

How Do You Pay Your GEPCO Bill Online?

GEPCO Bill Payment Options

There is a way that might assist you with paying your bills without spending time in long lineups outside banks.

Almost all commercial and microfinance banks accept online bill payments through their websites and apps. Join up and send in your utility bills for free.

Electricity costs transactions are accepted at all branch offices of both government and private banks. And yet, consumers now have a few more options for paying their bills online.

There is a method that can help you pay your bills without having to wait in large lines outside banks for a hassle-free transaction.

  • All Govt. Banks
  • All Commercial Banks
  • All Post offices in Pakistan
  • Easy paisa App
  • Jazz Cash App
  • NayaPay App
  • Omni Sahulat Shops
  • Nadra E-Sahulat
  • Banking Online Portals/Apps

Which Areas Come Under GEPCO?

The following area comes into the Gapco districts:

  • Gujranwala
  • Hafzabad
  • Gujarat
  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Mandi Baha-Din

How Can You Read Your Bill?

Many have questions about the various fields on their GEPCO Electricity Bill, such as FPA, CR, Bill Relief, etc. We will explain these below.


C.R. stands for Credit Bill amount. This amount will be deducted from your next bill if you have paid the previous bill more than the original amount. For example, if you have C.R. = -500, your next bill will be 2000, of which 500 will be deducted, so you will only need to pay 1500.

Deferred Bill:

If you have a “Deferred Bill” on your GEPCO Electricity Bill, it means you can pay the total amount of your bill or defer it. The current bill amount will then be split into installments, with no late payment surcharges.

PM Relief: 

Take advantage of the Prime Minister’s relief package and get assistance on your GEPCO and other utility bills during the CoronaVirus pandemic. For local consumers with fewer than 300 units, you can either pay your bills in full or split them into installments at no extra charge. Commercial consumers can also benefit from the subsidy on their electricity bills. Make the most of this aid package and get your financial assistance!

GEPCO Bill Taxes:

There are some taxes given below, which include in their bills by GEPCO:

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA): The fuel pricing of rental power companies that generate electricity from Crude Oil. 

When there is a fluctuation in fuel prices, you’ll see this amount reflected in your GEPCO bill.

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge: 

(T.R. Surcharge) is set by NEPRA and GOP. If there is a positive difference, then it will be paid by the GOP as a subsidy. However, if the difference is negative, the Distribution Company will pay the GOP as an Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).

Financing Cost: 

(F.C. Surcharge) is also charged by the officials. This cost is 43 paisa per unit to secure the collection of debt servicing of Power Holding Private Limited.

The Deferred Amount:

On your bill is the amount you can choose to pay either in the same month or the following month. There are no late payment charges on deferred bills; your following bills may include this amount in installments or whole.

Quarterly Tariff Adjustment:

(QTR Tariff Adj / DMC) on your bill? This amount is changed every three months to adjust for market changes and keep your electricity costs in line with market prices. Understanding and managing your QTR Tariff Adj / DMC is important in managing your energy costs. Check your bill regularly to stay on top of these changes.


FPA stands for fuel price adjustment. These extra charges applied to the GEPCO bill by the (NEPRA)? It is not a constant charge; it varies with the time and has a different rate in the Gepco bill every month.

GEPCO Helpline:

 Even though GEPCO established complaint centers in every district. Nonetheless, GEPCO advises its customers to solely use GEPCO Online Complaints.

There is less likelihood of error because the procedure (as previously noted) is straightforward to follow. Customers can phone the GEPCO 24-hour hotline 118 at any time, however, if you are unable to reach the helpline, call the GEPCO complaint lines listed below:

Phn#:    +92-055-9200504

Phn#:     +92-055-9200516


The company’s headquarters are in Gujranwala, where the complaint cell is based.


What is GEPCO complaint Method? complain complaint online about GEPCO. Online Gepco helpline here.

How can I get a duplicate GEPCO bill?

You can get a GEPCO duplicate bill by following this link and entering a 14-digit reference number.

Can I check the GEPCO e-bill without the reference number?

You can not check the GEPCO bill with name, CNIC, address, or meter number. The reference number is necessary to check GEPCO bills online, otherwise, you can call or visit the nearest office.

How can I change the name on my bill?

You can apply for a name change in the GEPCO  office. The process of changing the name is the same like New Connection.

How to check if my bill is paid or not?

Currently, this feature is not publicly available. However, you can call the helpline to confirm the bill payment.

What is FPA in the GEPCO meter bill?

FPA is Fuel Price Adjustment. It’s a variable amount that can be added to your bill based on fuel price fluctuation.

Can I check old bills online?

No, currently this feature is not available online. But you can visit the GEPCO headquarters to get old bills recorded.

Can I pay my Gepco bill online?

Of course, you can pay your Pepco bill with your mobile account like easy paisa, jazz cash.

Does the FPA remain constant?

No, it changes only when the price of fuel goes higher. In that case, GOVT increase the amounts in consumers’ bills, and when fuel prices go down then the GOVT credit amount to consumers’ bills as per the rule.

Can FPA be withdrawn from the Gepco bill?

Yes if your bill is amended in the corresponding month then the FPA can be adjusted.


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